Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nerdy and Books

Yeah! I love reading..Reading? Is it sounds NERDY? naa~ My friend told me that reading is a hobby for nerdy.. Hem hem..pardon me dear.. I love reading and I read a lot of books but.. I'm not a nerdy..I'm just an ordinary person just like the others. Is it true that only the nerdy read the books? You're must be kidding, right? I have a nerdy ex-schoolmate but he seems not really interesting at the books. Everytime we're going to library.. he never read books.. he'll only took a book and just let the book opened without reading it.. so, do you think all nerdy loves book? I don't think so my dear.. 

Think positively.. Readers aren't NERDY but they a group of peoples whose love KNOWLEDGE. Why do people read? to gain know some issue.. I'm not guessing.. but that's the truth. So..let us read and read and read a lot.. The more we read, the more the knowledge we'll gain. Afraid or feel embarrassed if your friends call you a NERDY? So what if they'll call you with that name.. actually, they get jealous when you read a lot..coz they can't read as much as you can..they have no knowledge as more as you have..and...which is more important? Knowledge or people who teasing you? Think about it.. think deeply and don't think twice..but think as many as you can.. Do trust me.. you'll find the answer in yourself.

p/s : I love reading and I read a lot of books.. I don't care what are the books I read as long as it have the advantages.. I read English novels, Malay novels, non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers even comics.. coz every type of the books I mentioned have its own goods.. So.. LET'S READ!

p/s again :D : ignore the incorrect grammar... i'm not really good in English Grammar :D


  1. readers are readers...nerdy is someone intelligent who is loner, shy or physically unattractive (i guess la hehe or maybe it is a stereotype)...when someone calling a reader a nerdy, the caller is confused and should be given a dictionary...hehe

    btw, i love harry potter...reading rawks...ehheh

  2. the more u read the more knowledge u keep reading:)
    i love reading too...especially sophie kinsella..

  3. Virgo : yeap..they should read the dictionary a lot..aha :D

  4. Fie : I love sophie kinsella books too :D shopaholic :D


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